Tim Hawkins - Pretty Pink Tractor chords version 2

EWell my old john deer finally broke down
BUsed it every day drove it into the ground
F#mSo I went to get a new one way up town
A BAnd I was out of luck, cause they were all out
ESo I found a used tractor on craigs list
BThere was no picture but I couldnt resist
F#mIt seemed like a good deal but now I regret it
A BIf you wanna know why go take a look at it
EI got stuck with a pretty pink tractor
BGo take a peek its out in the pasture
F#mpeople make fun but it don't matter
A Bdrives real loud so you can't hear the laughter
Eplays a sweet song when you turn on the corner
Bflowery canopy when it gets warmer
F#mWhen I think about it I just get madder
AI got stuck with a pretty pink tractor
EJust when I thought it couldn't get no worse
BMy daddy came by Sunday after church
F#mHe said son don't you listen to them big mouth jerks
A B If people make fun hit em with your purse and
ETake em for a ride on your pretty pink tractor
BCan I get a picture
F#mI wanna show my pastor I'm sure all the family would wanna take a gander
A BSo im gonna show em your pretty pink tractor
(after the chorus there is a guitar who plays)
E BTally tubby cover on the seat
F#m ALike a red-neck sesame street
B oh yeah!
Gotta watch out when you buy on line don't turn out good all the time why yall gotta make fun that way it plows it up eight bells of hay give me a minute while i put this dip in hit with a purse and you be trippin snap shot cheap shot take a look post it all up on yo facebook every body hatin on my new ride cows and chicken dog and pig jump on my tractor let it flow gotchya trippin on a double rainbow I fire it up I hear yall laughin makin it rain I'm a red-neck rapping pepto bismal fashion pink I know yall really wanna be me!
EPlays a sweet song when you turn on the corner
BBarbie would drive it, if she was a farmer
F#mWhen I think about it
I just get madder
A BI got stuck with a pretty pink tracter
who yeah yeah
E BI need to go to town
F#m AAnd trade it in for a green or brown
BWho wants my pretty pink tractor
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