Tim Hawkins – Youre Staying Home chords

This is from his DVD rock show comedy tour, :This song is tuned down two half steps btw:

(Intro)is G , Cadd9

G Cadd9 GYou stayed out too late last night
Cadd9 GI heard you sneakin in
Cadd9Hangin out at who knows where
Em D Cadd9Don't even try to blame this on your friends
Em D Cadd9 GTrust me dude it won't happen again
You're stayin home
Cadd9Its the place where you belong
Em D G GYou've done wrong and now you're grounded for a week
And I still love you
Cadd9But you keep breakin your curfew
Em D GAnd you'll regret how late you chose to be
Em DSo You're stayin home
GYou're stayin home
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