Tim Hughes - Counting On Your Name chords

COUNTING ON YOUR NAME, by Tim Hughes, Nick Herbert & Ben Cantelon
C GMy name is written on Your hands
AmYou've called me Your own
FYouíve called me Your own
C GNow I am Yours, no earthly power
AmCould tear us apart
FTear us apart
G AmIím counting on Your name
F CIím counting on Your name
G Am F CCounting on Your name to save me
G AmIím trusting Youíre the way
F CIím trusting Youíre the way
G Am F CTrusting Youíre the way my Saviour
C GMy life is built nothing less
AmThan Your faithfulness
FYour faithfulness
C GCounting on Christ and Christ alone
AmIím hoping in You
FHoping in You
F AmI believe
Em FI believe
F Am Em FI believe You are the way
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