Tim Hughes – Giver Of Life chords

Giver of Life
       by Tim Hughes

F  G  Em  Am

Am G/B CGiver of life, You never change
F AmAll that is perfect comes from You
G FYour wonders never cease
Am G/B C Not even life, not even death
F AmNor any power in heaven or earth
G FCould separate us from Your love
F GYou are good
Em AmAnd Your mercies last a lifetime
F G Em AmYou are good, always, always
F G Em AmEveryday, Your love is never ending
F G Em AmFor You are good, always always
Am G/BFreely you give
CNew every day
F Am Your mercies will never fail
G/B F So great is Your faithfulness!
Am G/B CYour love is kind, Your love is pure
F Am Your love will always persevere
G FFor every blessing comes from You
F G Em Am
Am G FYou delight to pour Your goodness down
Am D/F# FYou delight to pour Your goodness down
F G Em Am
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