Tim Hughes - If Theres One Thing chords


Dm9 C/E F7 Dm9 C/E Bb2You call us first to love Your name to worship You
Dm9 C/E F7 Dm9 C/E Bb2To please Your heart, our one desire, oh, Lord
F C/E Dm7If there's one thing we are called to do
Bb2 F Bb2 C7susIt's to love You, to adore You
F C/E Dm7 We will bring our all and worship You
Bb2 F Bb2 C7sus (F)Bow before You as we love You
Dm9 C/E F7 Dm9 C/E Bb2Your honor, Lord, Your names renown,we long to see
Dm9 C/E F7 Dm9 C/E Bb2So let the glory of Your name be praised
Am7 Bb2I will celebrate this love
F C/E Dm7 Jesus, You are everything to me
Am7 Bb2For what more, Lord, can I do?
F C/E Dm7 Bb2I will give this heart this life to You
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