Tim Hughes - Ecclesiastes chords

Am     F6     Am     Fmaj7

AmThere's a time for tears
F6And a time to dance
AmThere's a time to let go
Fmaj7And a time for romance
AmThere's a time for war
F6And a time for peace
AmThere's a time to embrace
Fmaj7And a time to release
C F Dm C GOh my Lord I need to find
C F Dm C FTake my hand and I will follow
AmThere's a time for love
Fmaj7And a time to hate
Am Fmaj7All the evil choices that we make
AmThere's a time to rise
F6 (C, Am)And a time to fall
Am It's a time to keep
Fmaj7Or just throw at all
(note C repeated on its own)
F C Gsus4Your love in every breathe I take
Am FIn every step I make
C Gsus4 AmYour love will shine on me
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