Tim Hughes – Clinging To The Cross chords ver. 2

Clinging to the Cross
Tim Hughes
Key of Bb
Capo 3 (Play in G)

Em Gm7 C (Cm7 ) My soul is weak, my heart is numb,
EmI cannot see,
Gm7 C (Cm7 )But still my hope is found in You
Em Gm7 Am7(Cm7 ) I hold on tightly, You will never let me go
G DFor Jesus, You will never fail
Am7 G D Jesus, You will never fail
G Simply to the cross I cling
D Am7Letting go of all earthly things
Cm7 DI'm clinging to the cross
G Mercy's found a way for me
DHope is here as I am free
Am7Jesus, You are all I need
D (Em)I'm clinging to the cross
Em G Cm7 Em G C Cling to the cross
Em Gm7 Cm7 Even darkness is as light to You, my Lord
Em Gm7 Cm7 So light the way and lead me home
Em Gm7 Cm7 To that place where every tear is wiped away
Em G Cm7 What a Savior, what a story
Em G Cm7 Am7You were crucified, but now You are alive
Em G Cm7 So amazing, such a mystery
Em G Cm7 (C ) Am7You were crucified, but now You are alive
G/D G C Oh, oh, Lord has rescued; grace has made a way
Em G C Lead me to the One that is higher than love
Em G C Lead me, lead me, lead me, oh
Em G C Rescued me; thank You, thank You
Em G C You have rescued me, lead me up, give me strength
Em G C I'm clinging, I'm clinging to Your Cross
Em G To the old rugged cross
C Thank You, thank You, thank You
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