Tim Hughes – Everything chords ver. 2

Verse 1:
CGod in my living
Fmaj7 There in my breathing
AmGod in my waking
GGod in my sleeping
CGod in my resting
Fmaj7 There in my working
AmGod in my thinking
GGod in my speaking
Fmaj7 GBe my everything
Am GBe my everything
Fmaj7 GBe my everything
CBe my everything
Verse 2:
CGod in my hoping
Fmaj7 There in my dreaming
AmGod in my watching
GGod in my waiting
CGod in my laughing
Fmaj7 There in my weeping
AmGod in my hurting
GGod in my healing
(Chorus) Bridge:
F G Christ in me, Christ in me
Am Christ in me the Hope of Glory
F G Am You are everything
(repeat) Ending:
F GBe my everything
F/A G/BBe my everything
F GBe my everything
CBe my everything
F GJesus everything
F/A G/BJesus everything
F GJesus everything
CJesus everything
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