Tim Hughes - You Bigger Than The Air I Breathe tab

Hey guys! This tab is 100% correct! What I have done is transposed it into capo 2
becuase the original chords (chords without the capo on) are quite hard at times!
So if you have a capo then use it and play the chords that are not in the brackets,
if you don't have a capo then bad luck but u'll have to play the chords in the brackets
Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions on voodoo_doll85@hotmail.com!

Capo 2

Verse 1:
Bigger than the air I breathe
Deeper than the ocean deep
C(Dmaj7)                       Am7(Bm7)
Higher than the stars above You are.

Brighter than the blazing sun
Louder than the screaming crowd
C(Dmaj7)                           Am7(Bm7)
Stronger than the power of death You are.

G(A)                  D/F#(E(add4)/B)
In the heavens on the earth
There is no-one like You God
          G/B(A/C#)      D/F#(E(add4)/B)
And these words are not enough
To tell of who You are
Who can know the mind of God?
Who can understand Your ways?
And these words are not enough
                       Em(F#m) A/C# (D#m7(b5)/F#)
To tell of Your great name.

Verse 2:

Your love can melt the hardest heart
Your words can bring the dead to life
Nothing is impossible for You

Awesome God, Humble King
You terrify yet welcome in
Your glory echoes all around the world

Bridge: (I couldn't transpose the whole bridge, sorry. I'll work on it and update
this tab soon when I get those last chords down!)

Em(F#m)  B/D# (un-transposed)
You, You, You
          Em(F#m)  B/D# (un-transposed)
There's always You, You, You
       B/D# (un-transposed)
      C#/E# (un-transposed)

Em(F#m)  B/D# (un-transposed)
You, You, You
         Em(F#m)   B/D# (un-transposed)
There's always You, You, You
Take the world
          B/D# (un-transposed)
But give me You
        C#/E# Esus (both un-transposed)
Lord Jesus You
All I want is You
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