Tim Kasher - Strays chords

This is my first tab.  Tell me if anything's wrong: AvidWriter117(at)yahoo(dot)com
Also, some of the chords are slightly in their positioning below... that's 
ultimate-guitar's fault, not mine...

Capo on 7

F chorde--0--b--0--g--2--d--3--a--3--E--1--
Am G CI’ve been thinking I should write some kind of love song for you…
F Am G CToo prove to you I do
FIt shouldn’t be to hard to write
Am G CI’ll just think of that time I first saw you in Omaha
F Am GYou were stranded on Jackson with a bus fare to who know’s where
C FI took you in, right, then and there
Am G CAnd life took on a new form
FNo more stayin out all night
Am G CNo more killin ourselves just to make ourselves feel alright
Am G C G CNo more sleepin with strangers and those awkward goodbyes
I never had much family, never had too many friends Then you came wandering through Pompously I took you for granted That’s why I gotta write this little, this little love song for you I’ll sing about those Denver mornings you’d wake up bawlin bout a long lost kid Your maternal instincts, were kickin in As the sun dazzled bright upon the peaks You brought home a dog you found in the alley You said "can we keep her?" I said "well, what kind of man would I be?" So you bought her a collar, and you called her your family Writers are selfish, writers are egotists I’m afraid I’m as bad as it gets I keep forgettin to sensor the truth That’s why I better write some kinda love song for you Drivin cross country in a U-Haul, on the hunt for our new home High a top Eagle Rock, we found a house with a big back yard So we picked up another mutt, from the Crenshaw Pound Sippin coffee on the porch while the dogs wrestle on the lawn I’m sorry I’ve had my doubts… Were a family of strays but together we’ve been found Were a family of stray’s but together we’ve been found
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