Tim Kasher – Cold Love chords

Cold Love
Tim Kasher

Capo 2nd fret (tab and chord names relative to capo)

Main riff:

C Am|--1--1--0--0----x--x----1--1--0--0----x--x----||--1--1--1--1----x--x----1--1--1--1----x--x----||--0--0--0--0----x--x----2--2--2--2----x--x----||--2--2--2--2----x--x----2--2--2--2----x--x----||--3--3--3--3----x--x----0--0--0--0----x--x----||----------------------------------------------|
Intro: Main riff 4x Verse: w/main riff Its too much theres too much between us The years of bags we cant begin to unpack. Interlude: C Am C F Verse: w/main riff I thought that we were different, We swore wed never cave To these suburban doldrums The zeitgeist of our age. And theres no more charity Yeah, we both stopped servicing But were definitely missionary: Our official position. Pre-chorus:
F EmMaybe were getting older,
Dm AmMaybe our hearts are beating slower
F DmOr, maybe we got tired of the same old dessert,
Am CWe grew up in a world of thirty-one flavors.
F DmMaybe were just tired of this vanilla existence.
Chorus: w/main riff Cold love is all that we know. Cold love, no words, no emotion. Cold love dont look me in the eye.
C FCold love; clean up, kill the lights.
Main riff 2x
F EmMaybe youve gotten sick of it,
Dm AmOr, maybe Im just inadequate.
w/main riff Or, maybe this is stupid yeah, maybe were just chumps Riding this horse and buggy Of antiquated love. We dont know where its taking us, but we dont know where we wanna go, so we hold on and hope for happiness We hold on so were not alone. Pre-chorus: The sheltered life of a couple, Its like living inside a bubble And, god forbid, Cupid ever finished What he started. Instead he left us Stranded and broken-hearted. One more shot of Cupids Dart, this bubble could have popped. Instead Chorus Cold love is all that we know. Cold love, no warmth, no devotion. Cold loveit only takes a few minutes. Cold love; let me know when youre finished. Cold love Its all that we know. Its cold, cold love. Its all that we know.
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