Tim Knol – Sounds Familiar chords

Capo III

| G Am7/G | (2x)

G (Gadd9 - G) Am (Bm7/A Am Bm7)I’m so tired, this sound is familiar
D/F# C G (Am7/G G Am7/G G)I can’t get myself to answer
G (Gadd9 - G) Am (Bm7/A Am Bm7)I wouldn’t make it stop if I had a reason
D/F# C G C/GSpare me all those conversations
G C/GI’ve got to leave
D (Dsus2)Please don’t make this harder
G C/GGot to go
D (Dsus2)I’d hoped you’d understand me
C BmO, good things don’t last
D G D/F# G CThey have to make way
| G (GaddG) | G | Am (Bm7/A) | Am Bm7 | D | D | C G | (2x) I am proud of all we created We’ve learned to play like in the old days Memories last, I’ll take them with me I won’t let the colors fade I’ve got to leave Please don’t make this harder Got to go I’d hoped you’d understand me O, good things don’t last They have to make way O, good things don’t last Memories do, love
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