Tim Mcgraw - Kristofferson tab

Tim McGraw, Kristofferson 

Just walked in and you were gone
To your Mamaís I suppose
G			     A   			     D
It looks like you wonít be back so I thought you ought to know
D							G
I found that note you left today it only took you half a page
G			A					
Iím gonna grab my old guitar take a pencil from the jar and fill in the 
empty space

D			G	   			 D	
Iím gonna tell you how I feel, straight up genuine and real
D			A
Open a bottle of ninety proof and write a song for you like 
Kristofferson would do

D							    G
In each line youíre gonna hear itís my fault and I miss you
G			A
I know it wonít be in time it may not even rhyme
But all it has to be is true


{Instrumental break}DGDAD

D						    A
Iím gonna drink this bottle of ninety proof and sing this song for you
Like Kristofferson would do

Submitted by Jesse 
Mesa, Az
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