Tim Mcgraw - Comfort Me chords

Intro: G    G    C    C (x2)  

G C C9 Wake me my lady, don't let me sleep
G C C9 Open my eyes, to the wonders you keep
G C C9 Let me look at you, see how you shine
G D/F# Em CI'll fall in love, like I've done every time
Chorus 1:
GLay me in soft green grass
CDown where the river runs
GUnder the mountain caps
CGold with the setting sun
GWalk me along the bay
CBeyond the verdant trees
GCarry me with your grace
CForever comfort me
G G C C Verse 2: (chords same as verse 1) You walk on water, searching the East The souls of the masses pass at your feet Looking up at you tears in their eyes Fathers of fathers of fathers gone by Chorus 2: (chords same as chorus 1) Walk me down old main street Ride me down rusty rails Fields full of summer wheat Peppered with rounded bales Steeples where church bells ring Lighthouses by the sea Reach out through gathered storms Faithfully comfort me G G C C
G9 I am your tired
CI am your poor in spirit, yearning to breathe
G D/F# Em D/F# C Breathe free........breathe free
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