Tim Mcgraw – Meanwhile Back At Mamas chords

Meanwhile Back At Mama's - Tim McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)
Tabbed by: gamerjrs

~Capo 4~

Writing exact tabs are not my forte but I think I was able to grab the main melody of 
the intro. Add some bass notes or whatever ya want from the chord structure to jazz it up.

Intro:        D         Bm              G        A

e|--2-3-5-3-2--------2-------| B|-------------2h3-5---5-3---| G|-------------------------2-| D|---------------------------| A|---------------------------| E|---------------------------|
DRunnin round in this new truck
BmBank lets me borrow from month to month
G AI'm runnin out of credit, find a little Cash on the radio
D BmStandin still they're blowin past, numbers on cars goin NASCAR fast
G AWhat I wouldn't give for a slow down, don't ya know
G ACause where I come from only the horses run
G AWhen the day is done, we take it easy
DMeanwhile back at Mama's
BmThe porch light's on, come on in if you wanna
GSupper's on the stove and beer's in the fridge
ARed sun sinkin' out low on the ridge,
DGames on the tube and Daddy smokes cigarettes
BmWhiskey keeps his whistle wet
GFunny the things you thought you'd never miss,
AIn a world gone crazy as this
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