Tim Minchin – Hello chords

Author: Sanger (Tom Hodge)

B/D#Welcome to my show
D Dsus2I'm glad that you could come
AWe're gonna have a hoot
D B/D# EWe're gonna have some fun
[notes – A3 B3 D3 G3 B3 D3]
ESit back
E/D#Put your feet up and relax
D Dsus2I hope you've had a drink or three
AThe more you've drunk
D B/D# EThe better I’ll ever be
AAnd if you have a mobile phone
AmPlease turn it off
EThank you
AAnd if you have Tourette's syndrome
Am EJust do whatever it is you people do
F# AAnd if you are offended by strong language or blasphemy
E A B EMaybe you should chuff off home
A ECos it's only gonna get worse
A EOnly gonna get worse
AOnly gonna get worse
EFrom now on……………c**t
[notes – E2 F#2 G#2]
AMy name is Tim
D AI write funny songs and sing
A B E7And if you don't think funny songs are funny
AWell I respect your right
D ATo think exactly what you like
A E7 ABut you're sure as shit not getting back your money
Dmaj7 A E/G# F#m F#m/EAnd if you write for a newspaper I'd just like to say
D Dmaj7 A E/G# F#m F#m/EThat I read your publication every single day
Dmaj7 Bø C#7 F#mAnd I agree with absolutely everything you say
Dmaj9 Bø/DI think you're the most perspicacious and delightful, eloquent, insightful writer
A G/A D/A Dm/AWriting on the subject of the arts
Dmaj9But if you write a bad review
Bø/DI promise you I'll come round to your house
A G/A D/A Bmb5/AAnd lay turds in all your potted indoor plants
B11I'll lay turds!
C11In all your plants!
C#11Your indoor plants!
Your potted indoor plants!
C#/E#Welcome to my show
Esus2I'm glad you all could come
B E C#/E# F#It's time for a little audience participation
F#Sing, "Yeah!" (Yeah!)
ESing, "Yeah!" (Yeah!)
BSing, "Yeah yeah yeah!" (Yeah yeah yeah!)
F#Sing, "Ooo yeah!" (Ooo yeah!)
F#Sing, "I am an audience member!" (I am an audience member!)
E"Why are you making me sing?" (Why are you making me sing?)
B"You self indulgent wanker!" (You self indulgent wanker!)
F#"Just get on with the fucking show!" (Just get on with the fucking show!)
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