Tim Minchin – Song For Wossy chords

A Wossy, in two weeks you’ll be gone
E/AThis is my last opportunity to sing you a song
G/ASo I wanna ask a favour before
D Dsus2-D*You get on with your life
AJonathan, I wanna make love to you
E/AWossy I just wanna make sweet love to you
G/AJust once, I wanna make sweet love to you
G G/A DSweet love to your wife
DmThere’s just something about her
That drives me insane
A/C#She’s got that cute sense of humour
And a brilliant brain
Bm7But if I’m totally honest
My feelings for Jane
AAre mostly sexual
DmDon’t wanna put you and her
In an awkward position
A/C#But I know I’d regret it
If I didn’t ask the question
Bm7I have talked to my wife
And she gave me permission
G/A AWe both have a celebrity shag concession
G G/A DAnd mine is Jane
G G/A DHers is Wayne Rooney
Em7Although to be fair
G/AThere’s not much chance of scoring there
D AJane, in two weeks time
G Your hubby will be out on the breadline baby
D And surely you’re not gonna wanna be
G A Spending time with a bum
D AI know that in a month or three
GHe’ll have weaselled his way back onto my TV
D GBut in the meantime, would you consider me
EFor a little fun?
The next 4 verses follow the A - E/A - G/A - D pattern (Could switch the G/A for a G for a bit of variety on one or 2) Just one night, Jane, would embiggen me Just one night, baby, you’ll be diggin’ me Just a little dabble in temporary bigamy I just wanna make love, sweet love to you What I wouldn’t give for just one night with you Nothing too weird, just a nice night with a Couple of whips and an underwater camera I just wanna make a little sweet love to you Wossy, you can watch if that’d make you feel better That’d make it even more unforgettable You can hold the camera and make some bruschetta In case I get hungry making sweet love to your wife Stop me, won’t you Wossy, if this is getting weird? The thought of Jane nuzzling my ginger beard I’m just doing a song, like we agreed And it just happens to be a song about how I wanna Make sweet love to your wife Oooh
DmJonathan I’ve always admired you
A/C#I was nervous about our interview
Bm7But your producers assured me
That all I had to do
G/A DWas be totally honest...with you
Then mess around in D for a while, if you can do what Tim does, congratulations!
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