Tim Minchin – Lullaby chords


          D        A     G       Gm     Aaug5

F# Bm E
Extra bits: G G/F# G/D D/A
G G/F# G/D Dsus2 D
D/E D/F#
D/F# D/G D/A
Tim Minchin - Lullaby
D ASleep little baby, sleep now my love
GThe milky ways shining high up above.
G G/F# G/D D/AWhen you grow up you will learn all that stuff
A But for now close your eyes
Aaug5 Close your eyes
D ASleep little baby try not to squawk.
GTomorrow and tomorrow youll learn how to walk
G G/F# G/D D/ATo love and laugh make toast and talk
ABut for now beddie byes
G GmYour blankets hand knitted with pure angora wool
D Your nappy is dry and your tummy is full
A Of enough antihistamine to chill out a bull
G G/F# G/D Dsus2 DYet still all this gringe - ing
D/E D/F# G Gm What more could you want for? I just can not guess
D You constantly complain to me you should feel blessed
AThere are children in Africa starving to death
G G/F# G/D Dsus2 DAnd you dont hear them whinge - ing
D D/F# D/G D/A DWhat more can I do to put a stop to
A DThis mind numbing noise you are making?
F# BmWhere is the line between patting and hitting?
E AWhen is rocking rocking and when is it shaking?
G GmI dont know what else I can do to try and hush you
D My heart says I love you but my brains thinking fuck you
AAnd hoping a child trafficker will abduct you
G A A/D A/E DAt least then Id get a few hours in bed
G GmIve shushed and Ive cooed and Ive even tried to sing
D Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da in the exact voice of Ringo
ANow all I have left is to hope, that a dingo
G A DWill sneak in and rip off your fat bitching head
[Break] D - A - D(quick) - F# - Bm - E - A
D AOh hush little baby, dont say a word
GPapas gonna buy you a mocking bird
DIn the hope youll get Avian Flu
A DThe nice folk in A and E will take care of you
[Break] D - A - D(quick) F# - Bm - E - A D - A - D(quick) F# - Bm - E - A
D Thats it close your eyes shhh not a sound
A DI can barely see your tiny belly moving up and down
F# BmOne thing they dont mention in the parenting book
E A DYour love for them grows the closer to death they look
Tab by Brynn McCullagh brynnmccullagh [at] hotmail [dot] com
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