Tim Minchin – Fat Children chords ver. 2

Am G F E7Do not feed doughnuts to your obese children
Am G F E7You will regret it when theyre in their teens
Am G F E7Maccas might shut them up now that theyre seven
F But they wont forgive you, when
Dm Am7Theyre getting picked last for PE
E7Dont you see?
AmBoombalata motherfucker
D9 DmHave you noticed that your kids are fat?
Am D7What are you going to do about that?
D7What are you going to do?
Am D7So you telling me that your family
Am D7Has a history of obesity
Am D7You got a polycystic ovary
Am7 D7Its just the way that God made me
E Em7 Its unlikely, statistically
D7 To be a physical thing
E7 E7/BBut either way it dont explain why you
E7Are in the cue at Burger King
Am Am/DYou can blame it on biology
G G/DYou can blame your physiology
Am Am/DYou can point to genealogy
G G/DAnd your social anthropology
Am You can say you are an ectomorph
GaugThat you just cant get the kilos off
BmWell you can be what you wanna be
E7But stop feeding that boy KFC
F He weighs 40 kilos and hes only three
B7 E7He looks like a clean-shaven Pavarotti
F COrdering to Diet Coke is not the way back
G Boombalata kiddie-stuffer
D E7Your kids a fat, have you noticed that?
Am F GAnd you oughta be ashamed
Am7 F G For you only have yourself to blame.
F C GYour 5 year old princess in her size 14 tutu
F GOnly eats pizza like that because you do
F She'lll be dead of a heart attack
G C G F GBefore your grandchildren are ten
F Perhaps you’ll consider
G C E7 A cut-back on extra fries then
AmBoombalata kiddie-stuffer
D9 DmYour kids are fat, have you noticed that
Am What are you going to do about that?
D7What are you going to do?
Am D7So you telling me that your family
Am D7Has a history of obesity
Am D7You got a polycystic ovary
Am7 D7Your mum had childhood diabetes
Am7 Am7But - and in your case
D7 There's a reasonably big butt
Am7 Do you think it's an appropriate treat
E7 The all-you-can-eat at Pizza Hut?
Am Am/AbThere’s no excuse you silly goose
Am/G Am/GbFor a child with a caboose
Am Like a moose who’s eaten too much mousse
D D7It’s tantamount to child abuse
Am Kick them off the fucking couch
G G/EmUnplug the Playstation
Am Send them down to the park
G G7If they don’t wanna go, make ’em
EmTell them they have to jog
D7Until their jogging shorts fit’em
D If they hesitate, ask firmly
G AbIf they still resist, hit’em
F C Is this what you want for your little girl and guy?
G DThese chips off the pork chop, for the toffee apples of your eye?
F CSix packs of kit cats are not the way back
G Boombalata Kiddie-Stuffer
D E7Your kids are fat, did ya notice that?
Am F GAnd you ought to be ashamed
Am F GFor you have only have yourself to blame
C GYour 6 year old miniature Jabba the Hut
C GEating half melted Mars Bars from the folds of his gut
F He'll be dead of an aneurysm
G C G F G Before his own children ism ten
FPerhaps you’ll consider
G C G F G A cut-back on Taco Bell then
f Perhaps you’ll consider
G F A cut-back on Krispy Kreme doughnuts
G And Popcorn in bucket-sized boxes
F GAnd microwave pizza or drive through McDonalds
F GFor weeknightly dinners in front of the TV
F GAnd notes to the phys-ed instructor saying timmy has
F GAsthma but he really just gets short of breath
F GCus he’s 35 kilos above the ideal weight
F G COf 35 kilos for a nine year old boy
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