Timbaland Feat Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again tab version 2

Tabbed by JJbozzokid Magsajo

Chords: A# B#m F# C#

A# B#m Fm C#e|--4-----| e|--8------| e|--1-----| e|--9-----|B|--4-----| B|--8------| B|--1-----| B|--9-----|G|----5---| G|--8------| G|--1-----| G|---10---|D|-----6--| D|-----10--| D|-----3--| D|-----11-|A|-----6--| A|-----10--| A|-----3--| A|-----11-|E|--4-----| E|--8------| E|--------| E|--9-----|
Play the Intro throughout the whole song. A# B#m Fm C# What is someone like you doin in a place like this? Say Did you come alone or did you bring all your friends? Say whats your name , What are you drinking Think I know what are you thinking Baby whats your sign tell me yours and ill tell you mine Say Whats somebody like you doin in a place like this Ill never be the same if we ever meet agaian Whooooon't let you get awaaay Say if we ever meet again, This free-falls, got mee sooo, kiss me all, Night, Don't ever let me go Ill never be the same if we ever meet again Do you come here much? I swear ive seen your face before. Hope You don't see me flash but I cant help but want you more, more Baby tel me whats your story I aint shy don't you worry Im flirtin' with my eyes, I wanna leave with you tonight. Do you come here much? ive gotta see your face some more (some more caause baby i) I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again Won't let you get away-ay - say, if we ever meet again This free fall's, got me so Kiss me all night, don't ever let me go I'll never be the same If we ever meet again ~END~
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