Timo Kotipelto – Journey Back tab

Info for ultimate guitar: Timo Kotipelto is the lead singer of Stratovarius, he has done
two solo records, this tab is from his latest. It is a great artist and I´m sure he will
fit into your databaze too!!! Cheers

From the Coldness record (2004)
tabed by loveandtrust@pobox.sk

tune 1/2 step down

Note: A great and simple song from the awsome new finnish metal effort!!! Enjoy and be
sure to fall in love!!!

Verse: D5 C5 Bb5 C5 I´m racing down this empty road Leaving all the black clouds behind The last rays of the sun are marking the day A vision that is one of a kind Verse 2: I´ve been away from all that I love But now I am back for good or for a while Going back home, I´ve been away too long I am a stranger I feel like an exile Chorus: F5 All I need is here around me F5 Bb5 C5 I´ve been searching in all the wrong places F5 Here´s my home where I feel I am free F5 Bb5 C5 I am among the ones that I love (listen for the rhytm) Solo rhytm: Intro 2x Intro 1 step higher 2x
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