Timo Kotipelto - Evenings Fall tab

TIMO KOTIPELTO - Evening´s Fall
from the Coldness record (2004)
tabbed by Eddie (loveandtrust@pobox.sk)

Note: A brilliant melodic song, again very easy, about the upcoming of autumn, enjoy...

Intro/Chorus (2 guitars): 2xe----------------------------)-------------------------)B----------------------------)-------------------------)G-7---7-9-10-12-10-9---------)-3---3-5-7-5-3-7-5-------)D---7----------------10------)---3---------------------)A-5---5-7--8-10--8-7---------)-1---1-3-5-3-1-5-3-------)E---5-----------------8------)---1---------------------) D5 C5 Bb5 C5
Verse: 1.,3.e---------------------------------)---------------------------------)B---------------------------------)---------------------------------)G---------------------------------)---------------------------------)D---------------------------------)---------------------------------)A---------------------------------)-----------------------0-1-3-1-0-)E-3---3-1-3---3-1-3---3-1-3-1-3-1-)-3---3-1-3---3-1-3---3-----------) PM---------------------------------------------------------------) G5 F5 C5 Eb5
2.,4.e---------------------------------------)B---------------------------------------)G-5---------------8------10--------10---)D-5---------------8------10--------10---)A-3---3-3-3-3-3-3-6--6-6--8---8/10------)E-3---------------6---------------------) PM---------) PM-)
Chorus 2,3: 3rd and 4th time play Chorus 1 step higher Solo rhytm: play verse but let the powerchords of the 4th bar ring Lyrics: All the words that have been said are about to grow If there only would be someone who´d listen to me, stand by my side Now it´s time to open all wounds and let it flow There´s loneliness in the eyes of man Standing on the shore, gazing at the tide As the evening´s falling I am shivering on the shore And the wind is calming down I´m in peace once more So many days I´ve been here all alone And waited for a miracle to appear, clearing it all The summer´s been kind to me but now it´s gone As I watch the sun going down I recognize the first sings of fall
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