Timo Rautiainen And Trio Niskalaukaus - Liebe Ohne Grenzen tab

Album: in frostigen talern, track 6 (liebe ohne grenzen)   (Finnish band)
Url: http://netti.nic.fi/~mattlar/niskalaukaus/

Intro, riff 1

G-7--7--7/10/7-/10/7--5---7~ | |D-7--7--7/10/7-/10/7--5---7~ | % | x 4A-5--5--5/8/-5-/8/ 5--3---5~ | |
riff 2
G-7-7---10-9-10--5---3--3--5-4-5--5--7-7---10-9-10--12--3-3---/10-9-10--5 D-7-7---10-9-10--5---3--3--3-2-3--5--7-7---10-9-10--12--3-3---/10-9-10--5 A-5-5---8--7-8---3---1--1---------3--5-5---8--7-8---10--1-1---/8/ 7/8---3
riff 3
First verse begins here and which I will tab sooner rather than later, hang about for it and editions. -Cometicus-
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