Tina Dico - A New Situation chords

Standard tuning - aflyttet af Simon Høj.

Hm7: x-2-0-2-0-2
F#: 2-4-4-3-2-2

Intro: C - Em - Am - Em

CFrom time to time the tables turn
EmAcross a line, get your fingers burned
Am EmSuddenly is a new situation
CFrom day to day, dot to dot
EmTo case to case 'til the cord is cut
Am EmSuddenly is a new situation
AEverybody wants to believe
EmThey hold the ticket to the train to the Promised Land
A EmEverybody wants to believe it ain't no lie
AOne day I woke from a dream
EmOn a rocket coming back from another planet
Hm7Don't think I'm ever gonna understand
G F#Why
CNothing is what it used to be
EmThese white walls are all new to me
Am Em DTime is the doctor and I'm his patient
CI don't know what he's done to me
EmA gentle push or brain surgery
Am Em DIt's gonna take some imagination
(BREAK) This new situation Håber det hjælper!
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