Tina Turner – What You Get Is What You See tab

			     What You Get Is What You See - Tina Turner
Tabbed by: Jonathan Sheehan and Jack Murphy
Email: Jonathan's - jonathanshhn@hotmail.com
       Jack's     - jackmurphy11@hotmail.com
Tuning: EADGBe (normal tuning)
This song has plenty of guitar work in it including many little licks throughout
the song and a guitar solo. I haven’t included in this tab all the guitar work,
but some.

Intro: Play Twice

Second time the intro is played a second guitar comes in playing what sounds like these chords over the top: F(133233), Bb(113331), C(335553), Bb(688766). Also, something like this following lick is played on the small e string when moving from the C to Bb chord. e|---6/8--10---7~----|. These are also the chords I use to play the chorus and the first three chords are the chords used to play the rest of the song. Then it moves on to something like this played on the big E string: E|--3/5--5--5---3/5--5--5---|
Then something like this is played, this I found very hard to tab so I just playsomething like this, i'll call it the chord tab. It’s just the Bb and C chord playedin a higher octave and sounds cool in the song and has character. It is also playedafter every line in the verses and after the chorus. The stroke indicator at the toptells you how many times you stroke the chord and which direction:Stroke:U,D,U. Stroke:D,U,D. Stroke:U,D.e|---6-------------8------------6-------------------------------------------|B|---3-------------5------------3-------------------------------------------|G|---3-------------5------------3-------------------------------------------|D|---3-------------5------------3-------------------------------------------|A|---5-------------7------------5-------------------------------------------|E|---6-------------8------------6-------------------------------------------|Then it is played again starting with the Big E string tab. Then it moves onto the verse, where I haven't tabbed it just repeats the previous line's tab
F Bb C F (chord tab) SOME BOYS GOT THE LOOK OF THE GREEK ADONIS SOME BOYS TRY TALK YOU OFF YOUR FEET SOME BOYS THINK THEY`RE GODS GIFT TO WOMEN SOME BOYS JUST THINK THEY`RE SWEET ENOUGH TO EAT Pre-Chorus: (just after the last line of the verse while the chord tab is playing, another guitar comes over the top and plays a lick before the song moves into the pre-chorus. I tried to tab it and came up with this): e---14p12---10h12-----14—12p10----8~--- Bb C TRY TO CHANGE THE HABIT OF A LIFETIME Bb C DON`T EVEN TRY `COS WHEN YOU CUT DOWN DEEPER THAN THE ICING YOU REALISE [CHORUS] F Bb C WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE Bb AIN`T NOTHING MORE TO IT AND IF YOU WANNA LOVE A WOMAN LIKE ME IT TAKES A MAN TO DO IT IF WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE THEN I DON`T WANT YOUR KIND OF LOVE
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