Tindersticks – Factory Girls chords ver. 2

Sorry I dont have all the lyrics, but its a good start. Any help or corrections always
appreciated. Tx Gary. stardood@hotmail.com

Factory Girls - Tindersticks

F Am Dm7 DmTheres a girl, in the street, is it the ones that you never meet ?
Its the friend that I lost, were u the one left counting cars ?
F Am Dm7 DmIs it Paris, in the spring? Is it any of those things ?
Is it time falling away? Is it the things u havenย’t done today?
C BbIts the wine that makes me sad, not the love I never had
No Its the wine that makes me sad, not the good times that i've had
C Bb CIts the things Ive never seen, or the places I never been. Its the wine...
Or the thing I cannot change, like the time slips away. Its the wine... F Em D C (repeat several times) F Am Dm7 Dm F Am Dm7 Dm C Bb / C Bb / C
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