Tinie Tempah - Invincible chords version 1

Capo 3

Am FYeah aah they said we shouldn’t, Yeah they said we wouldn’t
C GAah look where we are, We’ve done what they thought we couldn’t
Am FAs bad as the odds were looking, Push yeah, we kept on pushing
C GAnd every time I nearly hit the ground, You were my cushion
Am FThere’s evidence that proves, That you were heaven sent
C G‘Cos when I needed rescuin’, You were there at my defense
Am FGirl in you I find a friend, You make me feel alive again
C GAnd I feel like the brightest star, ‘Cos you make me shine again
Am F C GNo matter where we are (yea), No matter just how far are paths may lead
Am F C GWe don’t need no shields, Love is the armour that we need
Am FWe’re invincible (we are), Invincible (you are)
C GInvincible, Loves our protector
Am FInvincible (we are), Invincible (you are)
C GInvincible, We’re invincible
Then Its The Same Throughout :)
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