Tiny Tim - Ive Never Seen A Straight Banana chords

C G CIíve seen lots of funny things in my time
G C GBut theres one thing Iíve been trying hard to get
C G C For years and years and years Iíve kept on searching
D GBut I havenít had the luck to see one yet
CAlthough I havenít seen one you all know the thing I mean
D GAnd now Im going to tell you what it is I havenít seen
C G C FI have never, never,never,never
C G cIíve never seen a straight banana
GIíve searched quite a bit
CBut I must admit
D GThere even curved when they are served in my banana splits
C G C F C DI have seen them by the car loads On the deleware and tiawana
C G C F But I have never, never, never, never
c G CIíve never seen a straight banana
[spoken] Oh how much iíve been yearning to see that straight banana, though unfortunately Iíve had no luck...in fact...
C G CI recall when I was in Alaska
G CI Have seen the sun at twelve-o'clock at night.
G CI've seen the waterfalls at old Niagara
D GI confess it is a most impressive sight.
Iíd love to see a certain thing
CBut if it's not to be,
DI'd like to meet somebody else
GWho saw what I can't see.
C G C F C G CI've never, never, never, never Iíve never seen a straight banana.
G though theres things I hate
CMillions I have ate.
D G But Doggon me Iíve yet to see Bananaís that are straight
C G CI have traveled far to find one.
F C DFrom the Argentine to the Havana.
C G C FBut I've never, never, never, never
C G CI've never seen a straight banana.
G C FNo Iíve never, never,never,never
C G CGCIíve never seen a straight banana!
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