Tism – Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me tab

TISM - Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

Submitted by: Robbie
Email: robbiejh12@hotmail.com

I have used the tab by case116 as a base for the verse and chorus chords, so thanks to
but I have sorted out the minors and majors, which I thought were a bit wrong in his tab.
tab for the solo is thanks almost totally to Bachmayer22 (with a small change which you 
read in the comments section to his solo tab). The chords to the pre-chorus and the
solo are all my own work (I'm so proud!).
It should be noted that the guitar doesn't necessarily play those solos (I think its on
and that the chords in the verses aren't full chords (I don't think), however this tab
good for someone perhaps playing solo guitar.
This tab should only appear on Ultimate-Guitar.com (unless you ask my permission).


F       Bb                C            Bb
Everone else has had more sex than me.       (x2)


Dm       C                 Am       Bb
Everyone else has had more sex than me,

Dm       C                 Am Bb
Does anyone else, get that feeling?

Dm       C       Am         Bb
Teenagers naked, couples in threes,

Dm       C                 Am  Bb
Grandparents swing from the ceiling.


F       Bb                C            Bb
Everone else has had more sex than me.       (x2)


Dm       C                 Am  Bb
Corporate chambers and office amore

Dm         C Am          Bb
Shenanigans, outdoor and in.

Dm              C                          Am  Bb
Resist and then later you find out there's more

Dm            C         Am Bb
Regret in not doing the sin.


BRIDGE (in the song, only bass notes are played): Gm Am C All lives have to die, of that there's no help Gm Am C My favourite way to end them Gm Am C Is the orb-weaver spider's, whose pedipalp, Gm Am C Enters the female pudendum. PRE-CHORUS: F Bb C Bb Then dies on the spot, his corpse there still stuck. F Bb C Bb Lives for his rivals to curse it. F Bb C Bb He would rather die than not get to fuck. F Bb C Bb Personally I reckon its worth it. CHORUS: F Bb C Bb | Everone else has had more sex than me. | | (x2) F Bb C Bb | Does everybody else, get that feeling? | F Bb C Bb | Does everyone? Does everyone? Does everyone? Does everyone? | (Everone else has had more sex than me.) | | (x2) F Bb C Bb | Does everyone? Does everyone? Does everyone? Does everyone? | (Does everybody else, get that feeling?) | OUTRO: Does everyone? Does everyone? Does everyone think?
e|-13-13-15-15-13----------13-------------------------------------|B|----------------15-13-15----15 13----------13-------------------|G|----------------------------------14-12-14----14-12-------------|D|----------------------------------------------------15-12-15-12-|A|----------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------|
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