Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus chords version 1

Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus

Tuning for this song is in all probability standard but my guitar was still tuned a  step down. 
Thus, tuning: step down to Eb or C=B, F=E, G=F#, etc.Chords with a '*' I prefer to play high, but whatever suits you best.
I didn't really count the measures for the intro but you'll probably figure it out. Intro: Guitar CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCGGGGGGGG Bass (CCCCCCCC)C----F----C----F----C----GGGGGGGG
C F C FThrow my guitar down on the floor
C F G CNo one cares what I've got to say anymore
C F C FI didn't come here to be damned with faint praise
C F G CI'll write my masterpiece some other day
C F C F C F G C Nananana etc.
C F C FNananana etc.
C F G CFuck everything, fuck me
C F C FI'm repeating myself again
C F G CInnovation, I leave to smarter men
C F C FPretty melodies don't fall out of the air for me
C F G CI've got to steal them from somewhere
F* But it doesn't matter what you do
COr how hard you try
F* CNow there's nothing left for me to do except die
E* CWhen they cut you up
E* And tell you that it's not going to hurt
F* G*But they are not going to stop until they see you go to sleep in the dirt
C FThere'll be no more cigarettes
C FNo more having sex
C F G CNo more drinking until you fall on the floor
C FNo more indie rock
C FJust a ticking clock
C F G You have no time for that anymore
F*You better watch where you run your mouth
E* G*Because you know what they'll say to you
They'll say
C FYour life is over
C FYour life is over
C FYour life is over
G CYour life is over
C FYour life is over
C FYour life is over
C FYour life is over
G CYour life is over
CYour life is
E* C over (6X )
E* F* G*oo.....ver
handclaps + singing 'your life is over'
C FYour life is over x25
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