Titus Andronicus – The Battle Of Hampton Roads chords

Left handed
I'm working on a full tab for this, but seeing as it's fifteen minutes long and 
not too many people
are likely to read the whole thing, I'm putting up a chord version first. This is 
kind of barebones,
as it only covers the vocal parts, but it's fine for singalongs.

A few notes: In the first half of all the verses, the G is barred; in the first 
two of these, the G is
just an octave: 3x5xxx. The B at the end of the verses sometimes starts as a power chord and then
expands to the full Bmaj, but this is inconsistent across live and recorded versions. Have fun!


Tonight, two great ships will pull back to their ports
Depleted of everything that shoots flames and reports,
And in the morning the shells will wash up on the shore
And the mighty of Earth will have no other recourse
AmBut to shiver and shake and make shit in their shorts,
GBecause we have been told that if you've been assured
Am EmThere's a way to live the values your forefathers gave you,
CPrepare to be told, "That shit's gay, dude."
G B5 BI guess that what they say is true.
C GThere is no race more human, no one throws it away like they do.
GThe things I used to love, I have come to reject.
The things I used to hate, I have learned to accept,
AmAnd the worst of the three, you now have to expect
GSatan ain't hard to see without craning your neck.
AmHe'll be seventy-some inches tall,
EmHe'll be chugging a beer, he'll be grabbing his balls,
C G B5 BHe's a remote explosive waiting for someone to call.
C GHe's just eighteen for now, but he's going to murder us all.
GSolidarity is going to give a lot less than it'll take.
Is there a girl at this college who hasn't been raped?
AmIs there a boy in this town that's not exploding with hate?
GIs there a human alive that can look themselves in the face
Am EmWithout winking, or say what they mean without drinking,
C G B5 BOr believe in something without thinking, "What if somebody doesn't approve?"
C GIs there a soul on this Earth that isn't too frightened to move?
GI think the wrong people got a hold of your brain
When it was nothing but a piece of putty.
Am GSo now try as you may, but you will always be a tourist, little buddy.
AmAnd half the time I open my mouth to speak
EmIt's to repeat something that I've heard on TV.
C G BI've destroyed everything that wouldn't make me more like Bruce Springsteen,
C GSo I'm going back to New Jersey, I do believe they've had enough of me.
GSo when I leave Boston, my tail is between my legs,
After deep cups of patience have been drunk to the dregs,
AmAnd now I'm heading west on 84 again,
GAnd I'm as much of an asshole as I've ever been.
AmAnd there is still nothing about myself I respect
GStill haven't done anything I did not later regret.
AmI've a hand and a napkin when looking for sex,
GAnd that's no one to talk to when feeling depressed.
AmAnd so now when I drink, I'm going to drink to excess,
GAnd when I smoke, I will smoke gaping holes in my chest,
AmAnd when I scream, I will scream until I'm gasping for breath,
GAnd when I get sick, I will stay sick for the rest
AmOf my days peddling hate out the back of a Chevy Express,
GEach one a fart in the face of your idea of success.
AmAnd if this be thy will, then fucking pass me the cup,
GAnd I'm sorry, Dad, no, I'm not making this up.
Am EmBut my enemy, it's your name on my lips as I go to sleep
CAnd I know what little I've known of peace
G BYes, I've done to you what you've done to me.
C GAnd I'd be nothing without you, my darling, please don't ever leave.
GPlease don't ever leave.
EmPlease don't ever leave.
CPlease don't ever leave.
GPlease don't ever leave. (repeat until instrumental)
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