Titus Andronicus - Richard Ii tab version 2

Richard Ii - Titus Andronicus

Tempo - Indie Punk Rock 

Intro Chords

G, Em, G
G, D, Em, 
G, C, Em
C, D , Em, (C-G)

Intro Lead^^^^^^^^^^e|---------------333-2-0-0-2-0---------------------------------------------|B|-000-3-555-3-0---------------3-0-000---------------3---------------------|G|-------------------------------------2-000-2-4-555---5-222-4-2-000------0|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------4-2-4-|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 ^^^^^^^ G Em G Soon you'll be burning orphanages down, G D Em Watching ashes scattering and all over town, G C Em And when the smoke gets too close to the ground, C D Em -- (C, G) You'll see blue trampling over grey and green over brown. Verse 2 ^^^^^^^ G Em G And you'll be cutting ears of off, dead men, G D Em Pumping shells into the carcass for hours on end, G C Em Then you'll swear that we've always been friends, C D Em -- (C, G) And be unable to conceive it could ever happen again. Chorus ^^^^^^ C G Of course you have, never been to blame, D Em for the various horrible things that you did. C G D Em You may have gotten away with them too, if not for those meddling kids. C D The lump in your throat, the ache in your bones, D They are nobody's fault but your own. Verse 3 ^^^^^^^ G Em G And whatever amount you paid, G D Em For your many distractions, well it was too much, G C Em And at the end of the day, C D Em -- (C-G) To what-ever extent that you hate yourself, it isn't enough. Verse 4 ^^^^^^^ G Em G And we can no longer afford, G D Em Waiting for someone to lift this terrible swift sword. G C Em In our basements, we all look so bored C D Em -- (C-G) We've never seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. Chorus ^^^^^^ C G There will be parties, there will be fun, D Em There'll be tall gallows for everyone. C G D Em And we will all be sleeping easy, Up-on the sinking of the sun. C D But there's only one dream that I keep close, D And it's the one of my hand at your throat. Lead ^^^^ G, Em , G G, D, Em, G, C, Em C, D , Em, (C-G) Verse 5 ^^^^^^^ G Em G I will not deny my humanity. G D Em I'll be rolling in, in it like a pig in feces, G C Em Because there's no other, integrity C D Em -- (C-G) In-awaiting the demise of our species. Chorus ^^^^^^ C G D Em May you endure every indignity knowing all the while, that life will go on, C G D Em And when it ends, may have nothing to say, except that it took too long, C D And may I be there somehow, D Asking, "Where are all of your friends now?" Outro ^^^^^ G, Em, G G, D, Em, G, C, Em C, D , Em, (C-G) Titus Andronicus - The Monitor Tabbed by Shy Run Shy-run@hotmail.com Enjoy and Thanks Titus - !!!!!!
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