Tjay - Gradys On The Run tab


Amaj7 Bm7 F#m G A Gsus D6 C9 Ebm C D---0------0-----------------|---3------0-----------------|---2------2-----------------|---2------2-----------------|---0------0-----------------|----------------------------| Asus4 Asus2
Amaj7 XXXX Amaj7 XXX We built it an empire and drank it to the floor. Amaj7 XXX Amaj7 XXX Losing our selfs now lead to the next day back for more. Amaj7 XXX Amaj7 XXX In the back of tony's it winds up twos a bird. Amaj7 XXX Amaj7 Something stubbles past me looks like grady's on the run. Chorus Bm7 F#m G A But it's over pasted it so we don't see how our Bm7 F#m G A Shadows pasted us in mediocrity Bm7 F#m G A The street light shows us what we've become Ebm C9 And in the midst of it all N.C. Grandy's On The Run Interlude
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