To My Surprise – Worlds Too Small tab

I am not sure if this is right but it sounds right to me.  Anyways this is an awesome 
if you havent listen to them do it now.They are a really good local band from Iowa.

I am not sure what order the stuffs in but i think the verse is something like this
Continually strum each chord

E Bm Asus AE|--0----2---------0-|A|--2----2---------0-|D|--2----4----0----2-|G|--1----4----2----2-|B|--0----3----3----2-|e|--0----2----0----0-|
And then for the part whrer it is like "I say hello, do you see me drivin"it goes like this i think. A G C AE|--0----3----0----0-|A|--0----2----3----0-|D|--2----0----2----2-|G|--2----0----0----2-|B|--2----0----1----2-|e|--0----3----0----0-|
I think that is most of the song. I am not sure what affect they are using for the weird solo but i dunno how to tab it. I hope somebody appreciates my tab.
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