Toad The Wet Sprocket – Know Me tab

"Know Me"
"Bread And Circus"
by Toad the Wet Sprocket
Pre-Intro transcribed by Scott Josselyn (
Transcription from "Collection"

G/B      = x20033
D/A      = x00232
Cadd9    = x32033
Em7      = 022033
Am(sus2) = x02200
Am9      = x05500
Dm6/F    = x8770x
Dm7/6    = x5350x
Gsus4    = 35x53x

Pre-Intro (acoustic):
G/B         D/A    Cadd9      G
i love an object, singular thing
G        Bm           Cadd9        D
carried beside me and flaunted for me
       G/B          D/A       Cadd9      G   (walk bass down to E)
well i know i'm not holy, just partially good
   Em7                Bm        Cadd9       D
(i've) no time for my family, patience to brood
G  D      Cadd9       G
i want to be a great man,
Em7      Bm       Cadd9                        D
a hero, a martyr, immortal i'd (or a mortal i) stand
         G          D            Cadd9            G  (walk to E)
well i haven't the guts to touch lepers or       queers
            Em7     G/B        Cadd9          G
though i'm happy to waste away time with you here

Intro & Verse

Am(sus2) Am9 Dm6/F Dm7/6 Gsus4 G Harm----------------0-------------------------12-----------0------0----0------------0------0---12---------5------5--------0--------5------5-----12-------3------5------------0----3------5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bridge Dm G5 Cadd9 Dm G5 F5
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