Toad The Wet Sprocket – Dont Fade tab

Don't Fade
By Toad The Wet Sprocket
Transcribed by: Daniel Rodriguez 
Revised by: Walter Tien 

Capo 2nd Fret

Em7 : 022030
A7  : x02020
C/B : x20030
C   : x30030
D   : x00230
Em  : 022000
F#/D: 200230
Am  : x02210

Em7 A7|--0----0------0----0----0----0--0----||--3----3--------3--2----2h3--2--0h2--||--0----0-----------0----0----0--0----||--2----2-----------2----2----2--2----||--2----2-----------0----0----0--2----||--0----0-----------------------------|
Em7 A7|-----2---2h3p2-0------0---0----||-----3------------3-2---0------||-----0----------------------2--||-----2-------------------------||--2--2-------------------------||--0--0-------------------------|
Em7 A7 Lead me well,dont clear my way Em7 A7 fasicinating how the pallor can stay upon your face Em7 A7 when your are light like a little boy Em7 Am C/B flying kites and shouthing to the world your joy C D Em (fill: g f e d) dont fade, you are staying here with me C D Am F#/D dont fade i need to know if someone still believes repeat all the chords look around, see for yourself he led us down and at the water`s edge we knelt petals in the lake and red upon my face she is crying as we pray and it all comes down to money ,agin how you could forsake the love that way dont fade you are staying here with me dont fade i need to know if someone still believes
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