Toby Keith - You Shouldnt Kiss Me Like This tab

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This
Toby Keith

Am7           D       Am7
I got a funny feeling
                      D                 C
The moment that your lips touched mine
                     Em            C
Something shot right through me
                       D            Am7
And my heart skipped a beat in time
                          D                Am7
There’s a different feel about you tonight
                             D             C
It’s got me thinking lots of crazy things
                      Em               C
I even think I  saw a flash of light
                      D    C   G/B    D/A
It felt like electricity

You shouldn’t kiss me like this
Unless you mean it like that
‘Cause I’ll just close my eyes
And I won’t know where I’m at
We’ll get lost on this dance floor
Spinning around
     Am7                   D
And around and around and around
They’re all watching us now,
They think we’re falling in love

       G       G/B              C        G/B
They’d never believe we’re just friends
When you kiss me like this,
I think you mean it like that
       C        D        C
If you do, baby kiss me again

Everybody swears
We make the perfect pair
     Am           D         C
But dancing is as far as it goes
Girl, you’ve never moved me
                  Bb         Asus4
Quite the way you move me tonight
                     G        Em
I just wanted you to know
                     Am7      D

                     C        G/B
I just wanted you to know
                     Bb       Am


G/B          Bb        Am7     D    G
Kiss me again
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