Toby Keith – A Little Too Late tab

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Toby Keith
Album: White Trash With Money
2006, ShowDog Records

Capo 4th Fret (To Match Recording) 

It's a (G) little too late
I'm a (Bm7) little too gone, 
A (Em7) little too tired of this (G) hangin' on (G7) 
So (C) I'm letting go while (D) I'm still strong enough (G) to (D)
It's got a (G) little too sad
I'm a (Bm7) little too blue
It's a (Em7) little too bad
You were too (G) good to be (G7) true
I'm (C) big time over you (D) baby
It's a little too (G) late

  No I (D) don't want to want to talk about what we can do about us any(Em7)more
  Only (D) time you and me wastin' is the time it takes to walk right out that (G) door
  Yeah (C) talk about water (D) under the bridge,
  You should (C) know by now girl that's (D) all this is


  There (D) was a time, this heart of mine,
  Would take you back every time - (Em7) don't you know
  It's (D) been two packs of cigarettes a sleepless night
  a nervous wreck, a (G) day ago.
  Now (C) you ain't got no business (D) coming around
  I'm (C) closing up shop - (D) Shuttin' us down


I'm (C) big time over you (D) baby
It's a little too (Em) late 

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