Toby Keith – American Ride chords

American Ride by Big Dawg Daddy Toby Keith
This song tells it like it is!!!

Verse 1:
(E)Winter gettin' colder,(A)Summer gettin' warmer
(D)Tidal wave comin' cross the mexican border
(E)Why by gallon, it's (A)cheaper by the barrel
(D)Just don't get busted singin' Christmas carols

(E)That's us,(A)That's right,(D)Don't ya love this(G)American Ride
(E)Both ends(A)of the ocean(D)burnin' funny how(G)The world keeps turnin'
(E)Look ma,(A)no hands!!!(D)I love(N.C)     

Verse 2:
(E)Mama get's her box off(A)Watchin' Desperate Housewives
(D)Daddy works his can off(A)payin' for the good life
(E)Kids on the Youtube(A)learnin' how to be cool
(D)Livin' in a cruel world(G)pays to be a mean girl

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
(D)Everybody cried when Mrs.American stand
(G)Then she gained 5 pounds and lost her crown
(D)Quick fix plastic surgical antedote
(E)Got herself a record deal, can't even sing a note

Verse 4:
(E)Plasma gettin' bigger,(A)Jesus gettin' smaller
(D)Spill a cup of coffee,(G)Make a million dollars
(E)What can't fit,(A)with an airsoft can
(D)If the shoe don't fit,(G)The shoe's gonna hit the stand(I know I got the lyric wrong there, could somebody tell me what he says?)
(Repeat Chorus) (E)Na,na,na,na,na,na,na(A)Na,na,na,na,na,na,na,na(D)Na,na,na,na,na,na,na (G)Na,na,na,na,naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! That's pretty much it!!!If I got it wrong tell me, but it sounds right to me. I'll be submiting a new tab every week of a country song that hasn't been tabbed look out for this: SINCERELY, GUITARSLINGER
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