Toby Keith – Trailerhood tab

Tuning: Standard
h=hammer on
p=pull off
~=ring out

Intro Riff 2xE|------------3---------------|B|-0-1-3-0-h1---0-1-3-3-------|G|----------------------3p2-0-|D|----------------------------|A|----------------------------|E|----------------------------|
G C G My neighbor Carl, he lives next door, G D G Pink flamingos on his porch. G C G At night he teaches drivin' school, G D G And he sits out by his plastic pool. C D He takes off his shirt, he opens up a cold one C D Old Carl Dean's a fool but it, takes one to know one. Chorus G C G A7 G Music's playin' up and down the block, D G Mostly christian blues, country folk and southern rock. G C A7 It's our little piece of paradise, way out here in the woods D G There's always something goin' on down in the trailerhood. G C G Across the street there's Gamblin' Jane, G D G Who's always got the Poker game. G C G If you care to try your luck G D G You can buy a seat for 15 bucks. C You can call to raise, D Or you can check and fold em' C I like 5 card stud, D But it's mostly Texas Hold Em' Chorus Em C Our new tattoos and farmer tans, rodeos and NASCAR fans, G D G Dallas Cowboy football on TV. C G When the storm starts getting bad, you hear those sirens hummin', A7 D~ Grab a 6-pack and a lawn chair there's a, tornado comin'. Bridge: Part 1 G C G G D G 2x Em C G D G C G A7 D~ Bridge: Part 2(After Toby bites the sandwich) G C G G D G 2x C D C D Chorus G~ F~ C~ A7~ I got her made in the shade, with the moonshine lemonade D G There's a party goin' on down in the trailerhood.
End RiffE|------------3--------------| B|-0-1-3-0-h1---0-1-3-3------|G|----------------------3p2-0|D|---------------------------|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|
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