Toby Keith – Walk It Off chords

DWalk it off
D GPick up all the pieces of your broken heart
AYou don't have to worry
D AShe don't care no more
G AShe ain't there no more
DHit the wall
A D'Cause no one you can call is gonna ease your pain
G ASo take your torn umbrella out into the rain
DWalk it off
FBoy you were born to run
CNow the day has come
GShe's left you standin' still
AMSo deal
FHow does it feel
CTo have to face the fact
GShe ain't coming back
DWalk it off
....... ( Ok, so im not 100% on this but i tried, this is one of my fav songs and no 1 posted it so hear you guys go, to those of you who love this song to.... Submitted by T.J. Cronin.
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