Toby Keith - Big Bull Rider chords

C,G x3
C Bb, G
GI'm gonna slide on down
BbPull my bull rope tight
CGonna get wild and western
GOut here tonight
GDrew Kathmandu
BbA good bull to ride
CI spur the lot
And I'm ready to rock
GLet's go outside
DAnd the world explodes
C GAs they open up my chute
DAnd the crowd goes wild
C GWhen they turn this bad boy loose
D F CAin't gonna go down, down, down
GOn the Soul Side of Wonder
C GI'm a big bull rider
CYeah, a big bull rider!
this is my favorite keith song. This was his opening song for his 2006 tour. This song was written for and featured in his movie " Broken Bridges" submitted by T.J. Cronin
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