Toby Keith – Stays In Mexico tab

"Stays In Mexico" by Toby Keith
Tabbed by fuzzybenito


     A     E     F#m     D

e- ------7-4-7--5-4-5--------|b- --------------------------|g- --------------------------|d- --------------------------|a- 4-2-4---------------------|e- --------------------------|
VERSE: (same chords/notes as intro) His name was Steve, her name was Gina They met at a bar called the Cabo Wabo Cantina He was an insurance salesman from South Dakota She was a first grade school teacher Phoenix Arizona PRE-CHORUS: E7 They started dancing and it got real hot E7 Then it spilled over to the parking lot E7 One more tequila they were falling in love E7 One more is never enough CHORUS: A E D E Don't bite off more than you chew A E D E There's things down here the devil himself wouldn't do A E F#m D Just remember when you let it all go D E What happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico VERSE: He woke up in the morning and he made a little telephone call To check on his wife and his kids back at home in Sioux Falls She hopped right in the shower with a heavy heavy mind He knew it was the first time Gina'd ever crossed that line E7 They walked down to the beach, started drinking again E7 Jumped into the ocean for a dirty swim E7 One more margarita they were falling in love E7 One more is never enough CHORUS BRIDGE: same chords as intro/verse (sorry, i haven't figured out the solo yet) PRE-CHORUS: E7 Waiting at the bar at the terminal gate E7 She said, Steve I gotta go I'm gonna miss my plane E7 He said, one more tequila before you climb on up E7 She said, one more is never enough CHORUS OUTRO: (same as intro/verse)
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