Toby Turner - Dramatic Song chords version 2

 Am F Am G Am

Am F AmThis song sounds dramatic
Am F AmBut I'm bad at writing words
Am F AmIf you don't speak English
Am E AmThis probably sounds pretty good
AmYou'd probably think I'm singing
Am F Am'Bout some pretty serious stuff
Am F G AmBut in reality I'm singing about the lack of stuff I'm singing 'bout
F G AmThis part's intense and emotional
F GAs long as you don't understand it
Am FYour foreign grandma
G AmWould love this song
F AmPlease send it to her
F AmAnd she'll probably tell her foreign friends about the
F Am F Amsong her grandson or daughter sent her today
F G Am
Am C GThis song might hit the charts in her country if parts sounded like Coldplay
Am F Am C GIf the chorus sounds like Coldplay
F Am G AmThen I'll put some La La La's in there
F ELa la la la la la la la la la la la (Coldplay)
Am F AmHopefully your foreign grandma listens to this song every day
Am E AmAnd if she asks you to translate the lyrics here's what you say
F G AmA perfect translation does not exist
F G AmWell, at least, not in your language
F G AmBut if you must know, well, picture this
F Am E50 billion rainbows and the sun is setting
Am FAnd the moon is setting also
Am F AmAnd you're there in a gazebo
F GAnd then God descends from heaven
G AmAnd he gives you a million dollars
Am F Am F AmTake that feeling and put it into a song
Am F G AmI could translate word by word but that'd take too long
Am F AmAnd I've got stuff to do Grandma I don't have time for this
Am F AmYou gotta trust me Grandma
Am E AmThis freaking song is brilliant
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