Tobymac – Steal My Show chords

I just started to play guitar a couple months ago, so this is really simple. This is my 
first tab;please let me know what you think at Thanks!

I love this song! Go TobyMac!


G/Em/C/D x2

Verse One:

G EmAnother cold night, another late flight,
C DIt's almost show time and diver city's waiting on me.
G EmWe've got a packed house, the crowd is calling out,
C DThey want the beat to drop but what we really need is You.
GIf You want to steal my show,
EmI'll sit back and watch you go,
CIf You've got something to say,
DGo on and take it away,
GNeed You to steal my show,
Em CCan't wait to watch you go-o-o-o
DSo take it away.
Verse Two:
G EmSo now the crowd is hyped, That You showed up tonight
C DAnticipatin', cravin' something more than smoke and lights,
G EmSo I'll step out the way, I'll give You center stage
C CAll right; spotlight
DGive 'em what they came for!
Chorus G/Em/C/D
C DWhen You arrive, we come to life,
Em GOur hearts collide they're beating in the same time
C DYou're coming through, all eyes on You,
G EmOur hearts collide they're beating in the same time
C Dbeating in the same time
GNo matter who we are
Em CNo matter what we do (do, do, do, do)
DEvery day, we can say:
G Em C DMy life, my plans, my heart, it's all yours, God.
G Em C DMy dreams, my fears, my family, my career,
G Em C DTake it away, take it away, it's all yours, God.
G Em CTake it away, take it away,
D DIt's you I want to live for!
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