Todd Fields - Salvations chords

Capo 2
G C2 G D/F#

Verse 1
Em7 C2 G D/F#Shout for joy oh people of God Our light has come, our love is here
Em7 C2 G D/F#Weary ones join in the song Amazing Grace has found us here
C2 D C2 DSon of God, King Jesus reigns
G C2 Em7 D/F#Praise His name, shout and sing Holy One, King of Kings
G C2 G D/F#By His grace, we are free no more shame, praise His name
Part after the chorus G/B G/B C2 C2 Verse 2 same as verse one Bridge
Em7 C2Alleluia
Em7 C2Alleluia
G D/F#Alleluia
G D/F#Alleluia
Outro Em7 C2 G D/F# Em7 C2 G D/F# Em
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