Todd Rundgren – Love Of The Common Man tab

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Love of the Common Man
Words and Music/Todd Rundgren

Okay I guess I'm going to have to fill up this artists folder all by
myself.Any way thanks for your thumbs up email.
This is one of TR's favorite live performance songs,because he plays it well
as a solo number on a 12 string Ovation.Although  the video shows that Todd's
playing all over the neck as well as 1st position chords,I think it sounds
better and is a bit easier(at least for me it is) if you keep the chords
Remember boys and girls just listen to the record and follow the changes.

1st verse

                 E   G#m7    C#m7      B        A  Asus           E
I've been burned --------------in my prime.     The simple

               G#m7          C#m7       B          A
things in life seem so hard to learn sometimes.And it

 Dmaj7       A        Emaj7   C#m7     B             A     F#m7
takes        so        long---catch it while you can. To late

      B              A/B/A
tomorow and everyone......
2nd Verse(same chords)

Said we all know what comes of that,living in your pockets and talking
through your hat.But it won't take long to turn your head around .Too late
tomorrow cause

A/B/A                         F#m7         B          Emaj7    C#m
everyone --Needs the love of the common man ----turn

         B         A        F#m7       B
the world around too late tomorrow cause

A/B/A              G#m                                C#m
everyone.............Everyone is waiting just anticipating on

A      G#m                                C#m
you. Won't you make a showing everybody knows what to

A       B                          E
do.Ooooooh.        Take a dive from your ivory tower and

            A/B/A                             A/B/A
fall on everyone /will catch you everyone.
(Lead guitars and then repeatetc)

3rd verse.

I would be so pleased to spend some hear a little talk about
what's been on your mind.Cause it don't take long --to turn my head around
,if it comes easy cause
A/B/A                       F#m7        B           Emaj7   C#M
Everyone  needs the love of the common man ---turn the

 B          A       F#m7         B                         A/B/A
world around .Too late tomorrow ---cause everyone

F#M7    B      Amaj7

Chords used,
E           022100               C#m      002120
G#m7    001102               F#m7    242222
c#m7    446454               G#M     464444
B           224442               Amaj7   x02224
A           002220
Dmaj7   x00222
Emaj7   021100

Any comments, changes, additions and  corrections welcomed.
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