Tokio Hotel – By Your Side chords

Okay, well, I'm not claiming this to be 100% right, but I found this probably the 
way to play it!

Capo 3rd fret

C (x32010)Cadd11 (x33010)
Am (x02210) F Maj7 / C (x33210) Em (022000) The rhythm is pretty easy to learn, just listen to the way Tom Kaulitz plays it a few times. Intro: C Cadd11 Verse:
C Cadd11No one knows how you feel
C Cadd11No one there you'd like to see
Am F Maj7/C CThe day was dark and full of pain
C Cadd11You write help with your own blood
C Cadd11'Cause hope is all you've got
Am F Maj7/CYou open up your eyes
CBut nothings changed
Am F Maj7/CI don't want to cause you trouble
CDon't wanna stay too long
Am F Maj7/CI just came here to say to you
C Cadd11 C Cadd11Turn around, I am here
Am F Maj7/C CIf you want it's me you'll see
C Cadd11 C Cadd11Doesn't count, far or near
Am F Maj7/C CI can hold you when you reach for me
Repeat the verse chord pattern and repeat the chorus until you get to: Bridge:
Am CIf the world makes you confused
Em Cadd11And your senses you seem to lose
Am CIf the storm doesn't want to diffuse
Em Cadd11And you just don't know what to do
Am F Maj7/CLook around, I am here
Am F Maj7/CDoesn't count far or near
And that's basically it! I don't think the 'C' in the bridge sounds correct, so if you know what the chord should be, let me know :)
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