Tokio Hotel - World Behind My Wall chords

CIt's raining today
The blinds are shut
CIt's always the same
Bb I tried all the games that they play
CBut they made me insane
CLife on TV
It's random
CIt means nothing to me
I'm writing down
BbWhat I cannot see
CWanna wake up in a dream
They're telling me
Am It's beautiful
I believe them
FBut will I ever know
CThe world behind my wall
Oh The sun will shine
AmLike never before
One day I will be
FReady to go
CSee the world behind my wall
CTrains in the sky
Are travelling
CThrough fragments of time
BbThey're taking me to parts
Of my mind
CThat no one can find
DmI'm ready to fall
AmI'm ready to crawl
G DmOn my knees to know it all
DmI'm ready to heal
GI'm ready to feel
C FSee the world behind my wall
CSee the World behind my wall
See the world behind my wall [Hook] [Half a chorus] If you like Tokio Hotel friend me! Lol.
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