Tokyo Police Club - Frankenstein tab version 2

There are 2 different ways to play it, depending on how high you want to play the riff.It is in the Key of C, if that is any help. Also here are the notes, so you can play it on a piano if you want C G C G G A E B x3 C A C A F C G1. Pretty Highe-------------------|a-------------------|d-10----------------|g---12--12-12--9----|b-----13-----10-----|e---------------10--|
Repeat x3e-----------------------------|a-----------------------------|d-10----------10--------------|g----------------------10--12-|b-------10-----------10--13---|e-----------------------------|And that is it.
2. Lowe-8-------------|a--10--10-10-7--|d----10-----7---|g-------------9-|b---------------|e---------------|
Repeat x3e-8---------8------------|b-----------------8---10-|d------7---------7--10---|g------------------------|b------------------------|e------------------------|
If you find the second riff difficult you could put a capo on the 7th fret.
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